Luxurious Extra Hold Hair Spray 420ml (Glossy)

$24.00 SGD


Strength: 4 (Medium-High) | Shine: 4 (Medium) | Washability: 4 (Medium-High)

Place of Production: Japan

Selling points:

  1. Extreme control hairspray that delivers strong hold for the hair to stay firm and uplifted all day; Does not harden the hair at all
  2. Contains energized sunflower , rose hips to enrich hair with vitamins for maximum condition and shine (slight and luminous shine)
  3. Light-weight, ultra-fine spray that provides an even distribution with extra hold for natural look volume
  4. Good for all hair lengths

Something you should also know:

  1. Comes with a very strong nozzle that delivers good distribution and power
  2. It is important to use Luxurious Extra Hold Hairspray at an armlength distance; Using it too near might cause the hair to be flattened easily (due to the rate of drying of the liquid particles)
  3. Can be used all over to thicken and hold style or spot-applied for targeted lift
  4. How long can this last (daily usage): 3 to 4 months
  5. Scale (to measure the various aspects) is from 1 to 5, where 1 being the lowest and 5 being the highest