It all began in 22 June 2012, a friendship is bonded between Eric Foong and Patric Chu is bonded via a mutual friend. A friendship filled with interest in Japanese rockabilly, Yakuza films, manga, Bosozoku (japan bikers gang) which end up with 1 thing in common….pompadour. At that time, the hair product for styling pompadour is not available in local market, therefore they brought it back from USA to introduce pomade as a brand new market. A new culture is born. 3 October 2012 , a group is formed under the name Gønzø borrowed from Hunter S. Thompson’s semi-fiction character, Dr. Gonzo. In the name of Gønzø, they create influential viral 9gag style social media advertising for pomade brands they distributes. April 2015, Gønzø Super Slick Pomade is born. An unique pomade formula which took a year to perfect to counter the humid weather which most imported brands failed. It is Gønzø’s most preferred until today. Gønzø Super Slick is now well known in Singapore, Thailand, Taiwan and Hong Kong. Gonzo original supply also occasionally runs few projects promoting art and music cultures.